Unwanted Guest

I’m sometimes thrown by this statement when it comes from my sweetie, “Hey honey, come here a minute! I have something I want you to see!”

In my mind, I’m envisioning cute things like little baby animals or gifty things like a gemstone ring or an item from a food group like a piece of expensive chocolate. Never does my mind wander to the place that inhabits a snake, especially the really big snake that lives at my house. 

This snake is called a cowsucker, which absolutely creeps me out. Just the name cowsucker sounds aggressive, sneaky - the kind of name that conjures up the feeling “I’m going to chase you down and suck the life out of you”. I find that disturbing. Even more disturbing is the fact that it has taken up residence near me. Lewis says it’s about 7-8 feet long and it has a bulge which is probably a field mouse. He goes on to say it won’t hurt me. I can’t say that for the field mouse. He also reinforces the fact that it is more afraid of me than I am of it. I don’t think so. I am well aware of my fear level and that’s why I’m standing 20 feet away. 

It’s probably the owner of that snake skin I spied in the tree by the house three years ago. I never saw the actual snake so I thought it shed its skin then slithered off far away. Instead it grew and it’s been living incognito in the barn, the pump house, and yes, perhaps even under or around the house. So now that I know it’s out there somewhere, I look for it. I look for it all the time. And I pray. I pray every day that it’s a male snake or a sterile female. I absolutely could not handle the cowsucker family making my house their house.

Yes I know and understand that snakes have a purpose. I just wish it wasn’t at my house.

Erica Hampton

Rica is a portrait, lifestyle and wedding photographer based in the San Bernardino Mountains. You will also find her in L.A. and Detroit.